Replace CO Alarms

""Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are valuable lifesaving devices that, when used and maintained properly, are effective at detecting carbon monoxide in the home before it reaches lethal levels. Manufacturers recommend that you replace your carbon monoxide alarm every 7 years from the date of manufacture in order to upgrade to more advanced carbon monoxide sensing technologies and new innovative safety features. All UL-listed carbon monoxide alarms are required to publish the date of manufacture on the label accompanying the product (usually on the back of the alarm). Most manufacturers also recommend testing carbon monoxide alarms monthly to ensure they are in proper working order and that batteries are still fresh. It is also important to have home appliances checked annually by a qualified technician.

Carbon monoxide alarms are designed to activate in accordance with UL Standard 2034. Individuals with medical problems or those believing they may be susceptible to lower carbon monoxide levels may consider purchasing a warning device which alarms at lower levels of carbon monoxide than those specified by UL Standard 2034.